It's a Wonder...

...anyone ever gets an old house sold and a new house bought without something in the middle falling apart.  In order to close on our new house, the buyer of our old house must close on the house he's selling, get his financing sorted out to close on our house before we can close on the new house.  This involves paperwork, home inspections, termite certifications, never-ending mortgage paperwork and on and on and on. 

To this point, I have been running interference between the bank, our buyer and the people we are buying from.  I have also been crazy busy at work (can we say 'Spring Testing'?) and have been trying to get my last two graduate classes finished up and take my comps.  I finallly had enough on Friday and told Andrew he was going to have to deal with the bank.  The never-ending stream of papers to sign and things to find and copy for the mortgage has done me in.  He, of course, was perfectly willing to take the reigns which reminds me that I don't always have to do everything myself. 

I crossed three things off my list today: I took my comps and ordered a kitchen table and a television console for the new bigscreen tv that Andrew is shopping for.  The table is a Paula Deen and I absolutely love it!



A New Obsession

I have happily postponed my FET to summer because I/we decided that my work schedule is too crazy to be running back and forth to the doctor and, more excitingly, we have decided that our income tax return (which is still an unknown amount) needs to sit in our savings account because we have bought a new house!
After going back and forth on whether to build or buy for several years, we happily discovered that one of the few houses that we have both always loved was for sale and in our price range.  After several rounds of back and forth offers, we got a deal that we believe is fair and a closing date at the end of May.  With no contingency to sell our house, we are now living on borrowed time and need a quick sale on our current house.  This, of course, scares the crap out of me.  People keep assuring me that we will have no trouble selling our house but the mere thought of having two mortgages scares the crap out of me!

Elsie Louise Mroch

Elsie Louise Mroch
the puppy who changed my mind